It’s proven: reading makes a difference

Chances are, if you’re a child in the U.S. and a strong reader, an adult spent time reading with you. Research also says you’re most likely from a higher-income family. Kids from lower-income families are not always so lucky. As a result, they suffer not just in school, but later in life.

Just one lunchtime a week can help bridge that gap. Committing your company or yourself to helping a child for one hour on a weekly basis can make all the difference to a developing young mind. Being the one who reads to them—and with the support of dozens of socially-minded companies—you can bring the adventures, the laughter, the excitement. Who knows? When that child thinks back on the adults who made a difference, it may be you who comes to mind.

“92% of volunteers say that knowing my company supports a volunteer program like Read to a Child makes me feel good about the company.” -Volunteer

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Our Goal

Power in numbers

Right now, Read to a Child™ helps bridge the literacy gap that exists for thousands of kids. What we’re aiming for is simple: help even more kids. Our goal is to reach thousands more. And every single volunteer gets us closer to that goal—and to closing the gap.

Our History

How our story began

Our roots date back to 1991, when Arthur and Phyllis Tannenbaum organized five volunteers to read to children on their lunch hours in one Manhattan school. In 2013, we changed our name from Everybody Wins! USA to Read to a Child, expressing our ultimate mission and to encompass additional programs and research to improve literacy skills amongst children. Read to a Child has operations in six locations nationwide and continues to grow to serve more children throughout the country.

Our Case

Every adult can help

We know the literacy gap emerges early and, without intervention, widens. In fact, the National Research Council found that students who are not moderately skilled readers by the end of third grade are unlikely to graduate from high school*.

Together, we’re out to help thousands of kids get a better shot at a brighter future. Help us reach our goal. Because reading to a child changes the child—and that can change the world.

*National Research Council Report: Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children