What is the Lunchtime Reading Program?

In Read to a Child’s Lunchtime Reading Program, an adult is partnered one-on-one with an at-risk elementary school student for a rewarding read aloud experience during the child’s lunch break. The relationship typically lasts for the entire school year and often extends for multiple years through the end of fourth grade. The simple act of reading aloud to a child once a week, over time, can have a profound impact on the child’s future. The Lunchtime Reading Program also offers the adult a convenient, joyful, and meaningful way to give back.

What are the primary goals of the Lunchtime Reading Program?

1.To generate children’s enthusiasm for books and reading

2. To improve children’s fundamental literacy skills

3. To increase children’s self-confidence through weekly attention from their mentors

4. To provide adults with a flexible, convenient, and meaningful volunteer experience

5. To bring community support and resources into public elementary schools