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Champion Spotlight: Bob Balaban


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Bob Balaban, Actor, Director and Producer

What is your favorite children’s book title? 

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie


I loved everything about the book. It was fun. And imaginative.  And adventurous.  And the theme of never growing up really appealed to me. I immediately started having flying dreams.  I still have them.  My mom read it to me.  She was a voracious reader.

What motivated you to support Read to a Child and the children’s literacy cause?

Before my daughter started pre-Kindergarten, my wife and I and the other parents had a meeting with the school guidance counselor.  She told us that the single most important thing we could do to help our children do well in school and in life was to read to them every day.  And to make sure that reading was a fun and friendly part of their lives.  She said it didn’t matter what kind of book it was and that establishing a happy reading routine early on was a critical factor in promoting children’s literacy.

Inspire Us!

I am a champion for Read to a Child personally because the mission is so important–reading can make a huge difference for children’s success in life.  I encourage you to “read to a child” – we want a world full of readers (and you get to go back to places like Never, Never Land).

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